your interview process.

A hiring process combining interview videos, scheduling, employment test and candidates ratings.

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Enter your criteria's to view candidates that fits your needs. You can select the candidates and contact them for interview or employment test.


End-to-End Recruitment Process

Candidate shortlisting and interview process has been redefined for a better talent addition to your organization

Candidate Shortlisting

Select Candidates for shortlisiting based
on desired crieteria.

Recruitment Analytics

Generate reports on the go.

Save on Recruitment Cost

Our Simplified recruitment application allows you
save on hiring cost.

Our Solutions

Search For the Right Candidates

We have now made our database available for you to search for the right candidate for your organization.

You no longer need to post jobs and wait for candidates to apply.


Create and schedule interviews for candidates. Our solution allows candidates to record their interview session and send to you for review. You may also have One-on-One interview on our platform.

To make it easier you can grade candidate's performance during interviews and give access to other interviewers.

Employment Test

We understand the need to test candidates. Our solution provide you with several types of employment test.

Select the test type that best suits your organization from our pool of test.

Get report of their test performance on the go!

Instant Message

Send messages instantly to candidates, before and after interviews/test.